About Me

Christy Cedeño

B.A. Journalism

M.A.Ed. Elementary Education

Christy is a Writer, Educator, and Creator of the blog “Coffee on Tuesday.” She has been a Newspaper Editor, Magazine Journalist, Elementary School Teacher, and Teacher of English as a Foreign Language (EFL) to University students in Ecuador, South America. She speaks Spanish fluently, as she spent almost 6 years living in Ecuador, where she met her husband, JP.

A Vegetarian since the mid-90’s (on and off), and a Vegan since 2015, she has had both a vegetarian pregnancy and a vegan pregnancy, and is now raising two fully vegan daughters. She currently leads her daughters in their Education as a Homeschooling family, incorporating her older daughter’s Gifted diagnosis, and guided by the methods of “Unschooling” (Student-Led Learning), while also including Bilingual Instruction.

She is a strong advocate of Breastfeeding, having nursed both her children for their first 3 years of life. Through providing a child-led environment that includes Natural Inquiry, Compassion, Artistic Expression, Social Justice, Animal Rights, and a nutritional approach centered on Plant-Based Whole Foods, she is working to prepare her daughters to be responsible leaders and global citizens of the future.